Dog Boarding

We treat your pets like royalty. Let us spoil them when you go on vacation!

The Woof and  Whisker Inn provides a clean and loving environment for your dogs while  they are away from home.  Each dog stays in a spacious 12 X 4 foot  kennel with luxury bedding and fresh water.  Your furry friend will  always be comfortable since the kennel has both heat and  air-conditioning.  You are welcome to bring any bedding, toys or treats-anything that will make your pet feel more at home but won't pose a choking risk.  Your dog goes out several times a day and gets lots of  love but you can also add additional playtime, doggie daycare or 1:1 time with a staff member. 

Kuranda Beds

At the Woof  and Whisker Inn each pet sleeps in a spacious enclosure with luxury beds from Kuranda.  Kuranda Dog Beds are orthopedic, chewproof dog beds that provide firm, even support no pillow or cushion can match.  Your pet will love these comfortable, cot-style beds. 

Tubby Time

We do not require your dog to be bathed like most boarding facilities but if you  would like for your pet to go home clean and smelling fresh schedule a grooming appointment at our salon.

Spoil them rotten!

They deserve  it! Enroll your pet in doggie daycare for a full or half day, add extra 1:1 time with a staff member, a walk, a swim in the pond, peanut butter kongs or a Frosty Paws frozen treat.  Add an extra treat or activity!  

Daily Rates

One dog: $26 per day (Cash discount $25/day)

Two dogs, same kennel: $45 per day (Cash discount $40/day)

Two dogs, separate kennels: $50 per day (Cash discount $45/day)

Three dogs, same kennel: $60 per day (Cash discount $55/day)

Three dogs, 2 kennels: $65 per day (Cash discount $60/day)

Add half day of daycare for $5 or a full day of daycare for $10

Daycare not offered on Sunday but we do offer walks, 1:1 time or swimming.

We  encourage owners to bring their dog's own food to avoid upset stomachs  that can occur when diets are changed rapidly.  Please feel free to  bring your dog's favorite treats as well.  If you decide not to bring  your own food there will be a $2 daily fee.  You are also welcome to  bring any bedding but we do not wash bedding before departure.

$2 daily fee for administration of medications

How  your fee is calculated:  We charge per calendar day, not per night.  We  do NOT run on a 24 hour clock.  The day your dog is checked in is  counted as a day whether he comes in the morning or in the afternoon.   On his day of departure if you check him out before 9am there is not a  charge for that day. If you check out after 9am it will be counted as  another day and your will be charged for that day.  We do not offer  morning pick up on Sunday.  Sundays we are only open from 5pm-7pm so  there will always be a charge for Sunday.


Monday - Friday: 7am-6pm

Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Sunday 5pm - 7pm

Please respect the above hours.  However, if there is a need to pick up after hours and we are able to make an exception for you there will be a $25 fee added to your bill. 

To ensure the safety and health of all our furry friends your dog must be current on all vaccinations: Rabies,  Bordetella and Distemper and Parvo. Vaccinations must be presented at  check in or faxed in advance to 941-531-6300.  If you bring your vet records with you please make sure everything is listed and up to date as we have had to turn guests away in the past that were not up to date on vaccines.  Pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program and must be free of fleas and ticks. If fleas are found at check in your pet will be bathed at the salon and a charge will be added to your bill at check out. All dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered to  participate in our daycare program.  All dogs need to be in good health and non aggressive.