Cat Boarding

Don't leave your cat out in the cold...

We board cats too!!

Daily Rates

$20 per day if you bring the food and litter

$25 per day if you don't bring the food and litter

$35 per day for 2 cats, $40 per day if you forget food and litter

Medication/Injections:  $2 per day

Some optional, special treats to add:

15 minutes of 1:1 playtime or snuggle time: $5

10 minutes of brushing: $5

Tuna fish dinner: $2

Our  rates are per calendar day.  We charge a daily fee; we are not on a 24  hour clock.  If you are able to pick your cat up before 9am Monday- Saturday then you will not be charged for that day.  If you pick up after 9am it is considered another day and you will be charged for that  day.  Sunday we are only open 5pm-7pm so there will always be a charge for Sunday.

Our feline guests need to be up to date on rabies and FVRCP