Doggie Daycare

A tired dog is a good dog

Have  a new addition to the family?  Have to go to work and need help with  housebreaking?  Don’t want to leave your puppy alone to teeth on your kitchen table?  Concentrate on your work while we care for your little fluff ball, giving him all the love and attention he needs. 

Let the fun begin...

Are you working long hours and feel bad your dog is home alone all day?   Making home improvements and want your pet in a safe environment while  work is being done?  Want your dog to have supervised play time with other friendly dogs?  Want your dog to play all day while he’s a guest at the Inn?  Your dog will have a great time running and playing with other dogs. 

For those that don’t interact well with other dogs or are over 7 months old and not spayed or neutered we also have day boarding available offering  private play time with human pals.

Daycare Rates

$15 for up to 4 hours

$20 for up to 7 hours

$23 for up to 11 hours

Is your dog a guest at the Inn? 

Add a half day of daycare for $5

Add a full day of daycare for $10

Not offered on Sunday

To ensure the safety and health of all our  furry friends your dog must be current on all vaccinations: Rabies,  Bordetella and Distemper and Parvo. Vaccinations must be presented at  check in or faxed in advance to 941-531-6300.  If you bring your vet  records with you please make sure everything is listed and up to date as  we have had to turn guests away in the past that were not up to date on  vaccines.  Pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program and must  be free of fleas and ticks. If  fleas are found at check in your pet  will be bathed at the salon and a charge will be added to your bill at  check out. All dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered to  participate in our daycare program.  All dogs need to be in good health  and non aggressive.